Throughout history a simple daring has been proved time and again. It is the power of simplified thinking and how simple ideas can quickly become life-changing. For most people caught up in the systematic rotation of life, the strive for a grand profit forever lurks somewhere in their mind. Though they may not admit it, the secret of happiness is to follow your heart and dedicate your life to the pursue of that which you like. This definition is universal and true for all possible outcomes and directions taken.

As you may already know, the biggest profits this world has ever seen are carried out in the Internet space. How? Websites. Each has a purpose and is created to exploit a possibility, either one that returns earnings or one that doesn’t. For the majority of the on-line population, spending time and efforts is only worth it if one can earn money in short notice. Even if that’s not the idea in the first place, there will always be someone found to convert that back into gain.

Alright. Given that you already have the idea and you wish to turn it into an on-line-based profit. What you need to do first is research. Take for example a commercial website with a high value (like Ebay) and perform an overall analysis. It doesn’t take much to understand that whatever revolutionary ideas you may want to actuate, it only happens within the confined restricts of a website. Programmers may recognize this term as a “wrapper”. In common understanding this is the playground or the box of containment where things of random measurement happen.

STEP 1: Register a domain

Possession of a website does not happen by magic available for free. First you must choose a domain name. In terms of exposure, which we will discuss later, pick something unique and catchy. The most effective way to do so is to use no more than 1-2 words that best describe the general purpose of your website. Avoid long strings of sentences, which are a nightmare for the search engines to process amongst the infinite daily flow of information.

The domain must be given an auditorium. Notice the extension of the main page (index page) of each website (for example .com ; ; .net). This is how the search engines recognize the role of your website in the Internet and distinguish its purpose through categorisation. The most common URL extension used for worldwide commerce sites is ‘.com’ (or its equivalent – ‘.co’). If you want to be regionally specific, with your idea meant for the market of one country alone, this is also allowed. If for example growing a business in the UK, the best selection would be ‘’; for Australia it will go like ‘’ and so on. Like so:

STEP 2: Choosing your partners

Generally, for a person alone, it would take years just to construct and launch the project. The most well-worked selection for personnel is a number of 2-3: the founder of the idea, the constructor and the distributor. Well enough, there are advantages to knowing more about websites, which is where the research part kicks in. All in all, you want to know that every web page is designed with HTML code. Knowing the code is skill enough to construct the visual layout of the website, that including sub pages. You may want to include a programmer in your team, or just become one for yourself.

STEP 3: Plan out the website’s development in weaves

Start small, this is strongly advised. Surely you have multiple ideas of what to do with what you already possess. What stands in the way is underestimation of the responsibility, once the work load becomes overpowering. Separately, write down the smaller performances of the website, then gradually build your way up into more ambitious projects. In order to benefit from so much work, something called an investment is often required. In this case, invest more time and efforts into upgrading your website.

Where does it all go?

Ideally, the right kind of motivation, outcome of circumstances and devotion to the idea can launch the project to become an international business, since it already has the status of worldwide available and picking up speed. From then on it’s up to you to decide the direction of your approach into striking that gold mine.

Like it’s shown, even this simple idea can become a major hit, with the proper direction. In order to turn yours into reality, like I have had the privilege to do so, you must be persistent and daring.